Friday, August 7, 2009

Spinal Cord Society | Raleigh, NC

It’s that time of the year again, the Spinal Cord Society’s annual golf tournament is coming up Monday, September 14 and will be held at Olde Liberty Golf & Country Club in Franklinton, NC.

Remember my friend Stephanie…


This July marked the 25th anniversary of her accident that left her confined to a wheel chair. The anniversary also comes at a time when the Spinal Cord Society has made great progress in cure research for chronic spinal cord injury. Unfortunately the promising news comes at a time when donations are at a extremely low level. We all are tightening our belts and being very selective in the causes we support. Please consider putting your efforts and donations where they will offer the maximum return.

The Spinal Cord Society does not have a lot of marketing or glitz, but is filled with grassroots support of friends and family of the paralyzed community. Every dollar you submit will be used only for cure research and support of the trials needed to expand the knowledge required for cure. The Spinal Cord Society operates its own lab from grassroots support and does not solicit government funding. Several breakthroughs in areas affecting the spinal cord injured have been pioneered by the Spinal Cord Society. The recent break through has been submitted for peer review in leading scientific journals. When published, the information will be available on the website.

There are several ways that you can show your support:

1) Join this cause on face book:

2) Become a sponsor of the 2009 Scramble for a Cure.

3) Purchase Event Tickets by contacting me or calling Stephanie (919) 554-9627

4) Donate online at:

4) Drop Stephanie an email in support of her efforts:

You can view pictures of last year’s golf tournament and benefit auction at:

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