Thursday, March 12, 2009

#23: CHECK

It feels good to blog about my 101 list. I haven't completed anything on the list in sometime now, so it's great to mark one off!

#23: Read 10 (non-business related) books
I honestly thought this would take me much longer than it did. I got on a roll with reading when I made the list and knocked out 8 books within the months of May-August, which is a record for me.


I enjoyed reading each of these books. I'm a big Nicholas Sparks fan so picking up his new one only took me 2 days to read. Now that I took on this task I am a huge fan of Emily Giffin as well. Not really sure how I picked up her first book to start with, but I like her style. As you can tell I read 4 of her books out of my 10. I strongly suggest reading Something Borrowed followed by Something Blue. The way she tied the two books together is interesting. Something Borrowed is written from one girls perspective and Something Blue is written from her friends perspective & picks up right where the other book left off. Really interesting! I actually own all 4 of those books, so if anyone wants to borrow them just let me know! All 10 books were good books, but of course I liked some better than others.

Here's a list, incase you can't see the titles/authors in the image above.
#1 *Something Borrowed by: Emily Giffin (completed May '08)
#2 *Something Blue by: Emily Giffin (completed May '08)
#3 *Love the One Your With by: Emily Giffin (completed June '08)
#4 *Kentucky Rich by: Fern Michaels (completed July '08)
#5 *Ana's Story by: Jenna Bush (completed July '08)
#6 *Questions to Ask Before Marrying (completed July '08)
#7 *Baby Proof by: Emily Giffin (completed Aug '08)
#8 *The Tenth Circle by: Jodi Picoult (completed Aug '08)
#9 *The Lucky One by: Nicholas Sparks (completed Oct '08)
#10 *How to be Lost by: Amanda Eyre Ward (completed Feb ‘09)

Anyone else been inspired to make a 101 list? Let me know so I can mark off #81!

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