Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Take it or Leave it" Tuesday!

In an attempt to post more personal stuff on my blog, I have decided to start a new feature that I'd like to call: Take it or Leave it Tuesday! Each Tuesday, I [have good intentions] to create a post where I will share personal stories, anything exciting that is going on in my world, and I will also include some things that I approve of (take it), and some things that I don't approve of (leave it).


**My Baby Girl: I can't start off a list of "things that I approve/like" without mentioning my baby girl. I'm very fortunate to be able to stay home with her and watch each second of her growing by leaps and bounds! She definitely warms my heart!
**Hand Sanitizer: In this day of sickness, germs, and especially "swine flu" I have used more hand sanitizer than I think imaginable. It's everywhere: diaper bag, car, bedroom, living room, office.
**Your Blog Comments: Thanks to all who post comments on the blog. I love reading them! I'd like to thank everyone who has posted a comment on the contest posts as well. Don't forget there is still time to vote for your "best of 09 family" photo. And one lucky winner receives a prize too! Just scroll down to the next blog post to enter!
**Crispy Onion Chicken: I have seen many recipes for 'crispy onion chicken' where you coat your chicken with french fried onions, but I think I have found the best crispy onion chicken recipe out there! We had it last night for supper and there is a left-over chicken breast waiting on me in the fridge to have for lunch. {That's why it's still on the brain.}


**Earthquakes: My heart breaks for the people of Haiti. This is just so sad. How can you help? If you can afford to spare $10, please at least text "Haiti" to 90999. You can also pre-purchase the album from the Hope for Haiti Now on iTunes by clicking here. It's only $7.99 and at least you'll get some sweet tunes out of it. If you can give more you can donate through the website above or call 1-877-99-HAITI.
**Junk Mail: Whether it arrives via snail mail or email. I mean, really, does anyone even read it? Both mailbox's of mine have lately been out of control. Although 0% interest on a credit card or 50% discount on laser hair removal sounds like a good deal, I think I'll pass.
**Sleeplessness: Yes I am forunate to have a baby who sleeps through the night and has been for a while now, but I'm really missing those naps that she'd take during the day. I'm hoping that's it just because those mean teeth are trying to come through and that as soon as they do, we'll be back to normal!


  1. I like the fact that you'll post and talk more on Tuesdays....something to look forward too!!! How about posting that onion chicken receipe??? Sounds DELICIOUS....

  2. I agree, how dare you tell us how great the recipe is and then just leave us hanging, feel free to share.

  3. What a fun idea! And I would definetle "Leave" junk mail!

  4. I'm with te crowd on the onion chicken recipie - sounds like some good stuff. I check my favorite blogs every morning - it is how I start my day. This is how I stay in the "know" with some of my friends and family! Thanks Meg!