Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Contest has been Extended!

Let's celebrate photography, families, and the fact that Megan Lane Photography has now passed 450 'likes' on its Facebook Page!! I decided to mix things up a little with this contest to create an opportunity for me to get to know YOU better; what your family is like, and more of your personality! This is an opportunity for you to get a session with Megan Lane Photography and save on your family photos too! So, if you've thought about, or wanted a session from MLP, now's the time!

How to enter:
1. Take a picture of something your family loves to do. Get creative! You can have members of your family in it. You can be abstract, get high, get down low, spell out at word with something creative, try a different point of view. Take your photograph in full sun, in the shade, out at the park, whatever. I'm looking for a mix of creativeness & personality. So, make it more than just a snapshot!
2. Save your image file that you wish to submit by putting your family's name in the file name, i.e. JonesFamily.jpg would work fine.
3. Email to megan{at}meganlanephoto{dot}com.

The Fine Print:
1. You can enter up to 2 photos for every family. But, the two photos cannot be taken by the same member. So, give your camera to your 2 year old and see what they come up with!
2. The contest will close at Midnight on Sunday, December 5th. I figure that gives you 2 more weekends to come up with something awesome. And the winner will be announced later in the week.
3. This is not for extended families. Sorry. Immediate family only, but it can be just two of you if you don't have kids yet.
4. Get your friends involved and have them enter too!

What you win (the fun part!):
Grand Prize: Complimentary Family Session, 11×14 Wall Print & 30% off any other prints/digital files ordered.
Second Prize: Complimentary Family Session
Third Prize: $25 restaurant gift card

*Winning sessions must be scheduled to take place between January and April 2011.

Any questions?? Get shootin'! (with your cameras, silly!)

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