Sunday, December 4, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 4

{Photo Jewerly: Journey Lockets}

I LOVE these pieces of jewerly!

I wear mine all the time! I've had people stop me in the grocery store, gas station, and doctor's office to tell me how much they loved my necklace! I'm so thrilled to offer these to my amazing clients!


Above are the many styles offered by Journey Lockets! The double-sided glass lockets that used in the designs are a modern twist on a classic and timeless piece of jewelry.

Each piece comes with 6 colorful paper inserts and 6 photos from your photography session. Photos are optimized, cropped, resized, printed (in color AND black & white) and cut, creating 12 personalized photo inserts for each customer. Haven’t had a session with Megan Lane Photography but would love to have one of these necklaces? Email me 6 of your own photos and I will use those. I can even scan photos if you do not have a digital file of them. You can order additional photo inserts any time you like, as often as you like. We all know babies grow fast! You can update your photos of your babies several times a year if you want. A set of 6 new images is $5.00.

The possibilities are ENDLESS! Use photos from a recent vacation location, photos of pets, photos of a special memory, photos of a parent, photos of cool flowers or plants, old baby photos, initial inserts, show your school spirit, you can even cut out items from magazines and other place to create your own!

And the best part? All IN-STOCK lockets are 50% off this week only!
In-stock items are:
Two square silver lockets with silver chain (seen in image above as "a.")
Two large silver lockets (seen in image above as "g.")
One small circle locket with silver chain (seen in image above as "d.")

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