Thursday, May 24, 2012

Helping Others!

A few years ago I attended a photography workshop on Bald Head Island, called Learnfest. I was surrounded by 4 amazing photographers that led the workshop but also many other amazing photographers who were there to bask in the knowledge being poured out to us. At this workshop I met Jen, a gorgeous fellow photographer who stood out to me as being an amazing photographer and one of the most creative people there. Jen, now 37 years old, is a single mother of two beautiful little boys. However Jen's life has been rocked and she's now battling advanced ovarian cancer. After numerous surgeries as well as intense chemotheraphy, the doctors have given Jen just 12-18 months. I cannot bare to think about what she is going thru. 

I've been friends with Jen on Facebook since the workshop and have watched her photographs and posts through her recent battle. She's in the fight of her life, and started this blog, Am I Still A Girl, on September 2, 2011 the day after her cancer was confirmed. Her (and her friends and family's) posts on her blog will move you to tears. Their and her strength through this all amazes me. I admire her courage, bravery, spiritual outlook, and her willingness to share her story, thoughts and feelings. 

She has one great shot for a clinical trial at Mayo clinic. Insurance doesn't cover is $63k. Can you help Jen Burgess Thompson out and donate? It could be just $1, $5, or more. But she has boys to raise and needs your help. If you'd like to donate, there are two ways:

You can do so, here, directly through Jen's blog.
Or you can here, through Photo Dough. They're even paying the Paypal fees for Jen!

Another article written by, Jennifer Bebb, speaks volumes, check it out too!

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