Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Take it or Leave it!


And this week's LEAVE IT's:
**Spiders: No I dont freak out over them- however I'm completely over all of the webs that are all over our windows. Once a week I have to go out with my handy-dandy broom and knock down all of their webs. Eck!

**My Closet:I can't see my closet floor at the moment, but that's my goal for tomorrow!


This week's TAKE IT's are:
**Girl Scout Cookies: Samoas are my absolute fav. My Daddy' bought be a box for Valentines Day and although I'm loving them, my waist isn't so much! ;)

**Kate Toms: Kate Toms is an author that has written some children's books that Grace owns. We own Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. These two books are based on those nursery rhymes, however they keep going with more of a story. They're adorable as can be. We also own another of her books God Knows All About Me and it's just as good as the other two. I hope to add more of Kate Toms' books to Grace's collection in the future.

**Swiffer SweeperVac: This cleaner-uper has a cloth to trap dirt and dust AND a cordless vacuum for grabbing larger pieces. It's amazing. I use mine every day!

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