Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Take it or Leave it" Tuesday


And this week's LEAVE IT's:
**Moles, Skin Cancers, etc: One word. Sunscreen. Wear it, please & thank you! 25 stitches later- I will now have 3 scars on my belly to show you if you want to argue with me about this subject. Oh, how I hope they heal & hide before bathing suit season!


This week's TAKE IT's are:
**For awhile now, I've been in love with this trail mix I get from Target: Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix. It's peanuts, raisins, M&Ms, chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips. Pretty basic right? The peanut butter chips are a GREAT addition, and I also love that it has a lot less sodium than other trail mixes - only 20mg per serving - so your lips don't feel all dry when you are done.


**DVR: I'm finally caught up on this season of 24, including last night's episode! Thank you Jack Bauer for saving the world! You are my favorite bad-ass!

**My Mom & Dad! I got to spend the weekend with them. They came to Raleigh to visit Grace and I and we ate, talked about life, did some shopping, played cards, and spent some QT together! They are definitely my rock (& my real life Jack Bauer's) :)!

**More Babies: Remember my friend Bridget? And her adorable family of 3? Now there are 4! Mr. Owen arrived last Tuesday, hince the lack of a "Take it or Leave it" last week! I'll be photographing him soon, so there will be more adorableness to grace the blog coming up!

**CoffeeStencils: http://www.coffeestencil.com/ I'm not a coffee drinker. I much prefer my morning dose of Diet Coke to get me going, but I thought these stencils were too cool. I wonder what Scott would say when I took him his coffee in the morning that had a message on top!

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