Monday, July 19, 2010

Senior Session Giveaway Winners

Congrats!! A Winner has been drawn for the Senior Session Giveaway! The Winner will receive: one Senior Session, one mini-accoridian album, and 24 wallets of their choice. And the winner is:

Comment #8 was from Laura J. Congrats Laura!

And because I'm feeling generous today! I decided to choose a second place winner! Second place winner will receive a one Senior Session!

Comment #14 was from "Keith King for Loren Miller"! Congrats Keith, or should I say Loren!

Can't wait to hear from the winners! Please contact me via email or Facebook to schedule your session! :)

And here's more of Hayli & Megan. I promise they will both get their own post soon!


1 comment:

  1. YEAH!!!! Thanks Megan!!
    Is there a deadline to schedule by? I am going to look at Hayden's roadmap and see when our next little break will be!! excited!!!!!

    Lisa, Loren, Lindsey, Keith and Hayden